Android Tablet Configuration, Last Updated August 13, 2014, 10:55 P.M. EDT

This is a list below of Android applications.  One can move some of the apps to the Micro SD card from the Settings, Apps; so with all these apps installed, I still have 115 megs of app storage space left on the internal 8 GB storage of the Android Tablet device with one gigabyte of storage reserved for apps.  The tablet is only configured to hold 1 GB of apps in its internal storage plus those that can be transferred to the Micro SD card.  I use a 32 gigabyte micro SD card which has more than enough space.  However, to play music from the music player, one has to store one's music files in the "recording" folder of the internal storage of the tablet which has 4 gigabytes.

Also be sure to update the Apps from the Google Play App Store,  My Apps, Updates.

!!!!!! If one clears the data in the Settings, Apps; for each app, one can free up a lot of disk space.  Also one can clear the data on one's tablet, from Settings, Storage, Data; and press Data to delete the stored data on the tablet.

The following Android apps in my list store a lot of data that can be cleaned from the Settings, Storage, Apps, tap on app, Data, Clear Data.

Clean Master



Google Services

If one deletes the data from those four apps, one free up a lot of app storage space.

I set its web browser to to use my interactive homepage which are a bit out of date, but still useful for tapping or unzip the downloadable file from my web sites .  The download is .  The downloadable directory will extract it in the Download  on the microSD card.  Then one copies the extracted folder "scott009" from the download folder of the microSD card to the main directory of the microSD card in a folder named "scott9" or "backup".  In the Browser, one has to set the homepage to "file://mnt/extsd/scott9/scott009/scotlist.htm"   to open the interactive groups of files of Scott's directory in the Android web browser.  If it is in the download folder, it will be deleted by cache cleaning programs.

Android Backup Programs

App Backup and Restore works easy enough and seems to back up the apps 

Easy Backup  works easy enough, and backs up the apps, and seems to backup all of the apps to the micro SD card.  I have not tried a restore with it.

Android Apps 

Android Play Store 

Greenwich, Connecticut Library Android Apps from that list, I use: 

My GL 

Freegal Music  

Hoopla Digital  

Zinio Digital Magazines

End of Greenwich Library list apps.


Google Voice Recognition works well, but can be a dangerous application, since it can automatically activate, and if one has a password enabled on the Lock Screen, the Google Voice application will come up to speak the password, which does not work instead of the keyboard which does work to unlock the Lock Screen.  I thus recommend not to enable a Lock Screen Password.  One can change the Input method of Google Voice Recognition does not activate, by selecting "Settings", "Input and Keyboard" and "Default Input" to change back to the Keyboard.  I think if one is locked out of the password Lock Screen by Google Voice Recognition, one has to reinstall the Android setup, so one will loose all of their settings.  Easy Backup does back up one's apps to the micro SD card.  Google Voice Recognition can not be uninstalled.  CIO 

ABC News 

Amazon for Tablets 

Amazon Kindle 

Amazon Music with Prime Music 

Android 4.1 Jellybean Calendar came installed 

Android Tablet Settings came installed

AntiVirus Security 

APK Installer

App Cache Cleaner - 1 Tap Clean 

AVG Cleaner

Bank of America came installed, can upgrade but uses more storage 

Barcode Scanner 

BBC News 

Bloomberg for Tablet 

Bloomberg Radio+ 

Business Insider 

Cache Clean Easy - Optimize

Cache Clear

Calculator (CyanogenMod) came installed

Camera ICS came installed 

CBS News

Chase Mobile

Clean Master Phone Booster

CNN Breaking US & World News 

CNN Money Business and Finance

C-SPAN Radio 


Daily Free App @ Amazon 

Earthquake Alert! 

ESPN Radio 

Facebook uses up app storage space and constantly updates about 25 to 40 megs of storage space 

File Manager came installed 

Financial Times

Flash Player for Mobile Android came installed 

Forbes Reader 

Fox Business 

Fox News 

GEICO Mobile 


Google Email came installed 

Google Finance 

Google Gmail 

Google Hangouts

Google Maps 

Google Play Books came installed

Google Play Movies & TV 

Google Play Music 

Google Play Services  uses a lot apps space storage and constantly updates about 25 to 40 megs of space. 

Google Play Store came installed, but you can surf to it here 

Google Search came installed 

Google Settings came installed, but this similar app is available, Quick Settings 

Google Voice

Google Voice Search came installed  

GPS Tracking Pro 

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder came installed 


King Kong Market came installed 

Mobile VOIP Cheap VOIP Calls , not installed 

MP3 Player

Music came installed 

My Music Player came installed 

NBC News 


NewsHog: Google News & Weather came installed 


NOAA Weather  

NPR News

NPR One 

NYTimes - Breaking News 

OfficeSuite 7 + PDF to Word 


Optimum WiFi Register 

Pandora Internet Radio 




Simple Weather Alert 

Skype - free IM & Video Calls 

Skype WiFi 

Smartisan Clock came installed


Stop & Shop  

Talk - Text to Voice came installed , might be the same as this 


UHD Player came installed

Update came installed

View Downloads came installed 

Wall Street Journal

Web Browser and Explorer came installed 



Lots more apps and content at  Google Play Store

Updated Versions of the Android Apps List at: